Wednesday 14 November 2012

Weekend Away, and an Exhibition

 More goings-on in the lives of two Yorkshire Photographers...

Weekend just gone involved us going away with our Scout group (Amy is a leader, I'm a helper) on an expedition to North Lancashire.  Actually its a rather nice part of the world, the borders between North Lancs and South Cumbria being quite pretty- all picturesque little villages and rugged coastline sandwhiched between the semi-industrial sprawl of Heysham to the south and the percieved nuclear hell of Sellafield round the coast in Cumbria.  Whilst we were in Silverdale technically to be assisting with this Scout camp, a trip anywhere is a handy excuse to get the cameras out for a play, as its been a while since either of us did any landscape shots.

Rather forbidding, and slightly unreal sky whilst en-route at Clapham.

Silverdale itself- rather sunny indeed, but the sign could do with a bit of tarting-up.

The morning of the sunday, and the simply beautiful sunrise just outside where we were camping for the night.

"Strictly Private- Golfers Only". 
The token, arty We-Are-About-To-Leave, Final-Shot shot.

Back in the real world the week after, Amy and I have both been participating in a rather nice exhibition at the Cottingley Cornerstone centre (where the Fairies come from- Cottingley in general I mean, not the Cornerstone Centre specifically.  The Cottingley Fairies hoax was perpetuated relatively nearby, though these days the stream where these early photomanipulations were done is in the shadow of a main road and not particularly pretty, it has to be said).  The Cornerstone Centre is a very nice community project, hosting lots of very worthy concerns, and its a well-kept place with friendly staff.

The exhibition was a rather nice mix of work, mainly fine art painting with some very nice bits of art on display- if I had disposable income, I'd have liked to buy a couple of bits.  Shame most of my pay goes on life's little luxuries like food and shelter.

We only managed to visit this show on the last-but-one day, having missed the opening night due to my ripping the exhaust off the car on a particularly Alpine-proportioned speed bump, and then the day job stopping us getting across to the show the week after.  Amy showed two pics from her Light Trails series, I showed a couple from the Steampunk series I did late last year.

Nice to be able to participate in another show after a little gap over the summer.  The next big show will be some of my pics being shown at South Square Gallery in Bradford- more on that next week after I drop off the pics.

Back on the Correct Side of the Pennines, Keighley

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Low Speed High Speed Train

Amy here, just in case you'd got the impression that only Ben takes train pictures.  And unlike Ben I managed to take a picture of a train without hanging out of a tree, climbing on a wall, or being in some other odd pose to try and get an original/unusual angle
 Anyway, the occasion was the first ever visit of a High Speed Train to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.  This wasn't a commisioned shoot or anything, but it was too unusual an opportunity to pass up and probably wont be repeated for a while, as this was an unusual incursion of the modern railway into the otherwise 1950's Worth Valley.  Ben was working in his new day job, but I managed to nip out and get a couple of shots to try and send off to mags.
Some non-railway related posts coming next week.