Friday 25 March 2022

A KWVR Catch-up

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, I (Ben) have started a new day job, so blogging has taken a back seat whilst I get settled in.  Anyway, today on the blog, a catch-up selection of some of the KWVR shots from the start of the year, from Boxing Day up to the start of the job in Feb when photography took a temporary back-seat.

Taff Vale 85 and 41251 at Haworth.

The rather poor weather led to a lot of greyscale shots.

I also took some rather unsuccessful night shots, hampered by a poor quality tripod.  As it happened, it led me to find a better quality one for some better shots a bit later on in the Spring.

41241 in the murk at Damems.

Waiting to leave Keighley...

...and later up at Oxenhope.

Trying for something a bit moodier on a snowy day.

Oakworth in the twilight.

I managed some rather better twilight and night shots with some better kit.  Oakworth with the Railbus...

...and Ingrow with the Taff Vale tank.

Anyway, I managed to get a few of the shots into print, these two in Heritage Railway.

...and the Worth Valley themselves used a couple of the shots on their Facebook page.

Having thought that I wouldn't be getting any railway photography in once I started at the job, I ended up with a day off for the Spring Steam Gala, so more on that in a later post.