Thursday 4 December 2014

A trip to Blackpool

A bit of a hectic month, November... still, better late than never, an update featuring a combined photography trip and family visit to Blackpool.  We like doing abstract shoots during the illuminations, but didn't get chance last year.  We arrived just before sunset, and got a few shoots around Fleetwood, then it was down to Bispham to get a tram to pleasure beach.
It was our first ride on the nice new trams, which admittedly lack the character of the older ones, but are quicker and rather more comfortable.
We got off at Pleasure Beach, and started a stroll along the promenade.  Amy was mainly taking some new shots for her long-running "Light Trails" project, meanwhile I was mainly taking shots of the trams passing.  We had three cameras with us, the trusty D90, the older D70, and the Cannon 350.  The Cannon though packed-in within minutes due to a persistent lens fault which needs mending.  The D70 likewise was unable to cope and was sidelined in favour of sharing the D90... we really need to upgrade our kit for location shoots.
It was nice to see a couple of the older trams still in service on heritage tours.



We ended up playing with the settings a bit, and just shooting some very experimental images.



It was a good night, and we both got a load of shots we were happy with.  It also means Amy can update her "Light Trails" body of work with some better-quality versions of images she'd shot previously.  All in all, a successful trip.