Tuesday 15 April 2014

"Home is..." a rather nice mansion in Keighley this time

Bens day job is at the National Trust, and we were very kindly given permission to shoot some pics, and allowed free run of the gardens on a close-day for the "Home is..." project (to the confusion of some of the staff and volunteers who passed by during the shooting).  The weather was gorgeous, almost too bright at times, and it was nice to get some more shots done after a little gap.  Also far nicer weather than we had up at Ribblehead this time last month...

With so many pics with the chair done, we had chance to shoot some other shots; we always intended to try some other room-sets, though only when we had a large body of pics with the chair under our belt.  One of the ideas we wanted to try was a bedroom (following a discussion with the gallery), so we built a portable bed and some limited set dressing; some more information on this in a future post.  Having a closed site like Riddlesden allowed us chance to experiment a bit with the shots and try the concept...
As these pics make clear, the 'bed' is actually some packing crates, old sheets, bits of board and a lilo (given how it needed to be very lightweight, portable, and fit in a small family hatchback).

The bed shots proved a reasonable success, but really it was the fact we got five chair shots done (with two new models) which was the best feature of the day.  Big thanks to East Rids and the Trust for letting us do the pics and helping us get some nice images.
So what next?  We have a self-imposed deadline of the end of May for getting the shots done (to give us lots of time to get the prints completed), but a change in real-life circumstances may curtail the shooting stage even sooner, we'll see.  In any case, we've managed a nice selection of images to choose from so far.