Monday 29 January 2024

Take a little walk...

A quick post today; Amy was taking some pics around Keighley and Oakworth for an upcoming project, and I (Ben) was along for company, and thought I'd snap a few shots as we wandered around for an hour or two.

We both used to do this kind of documentary photography a lot waaaay back at Uni, but we haven't found a lot of call for it, commercially-speaking, so we don't do much of this style of shot nowadays.

Still, always interesting to record what catches your eye.

Hopefully we'll be able to share what the actual project we were shooting pics for is about shortly.


Monday 22 January 2024


We're still having a bit of a quiet start to the new year, so thought we'd take the opportunity to show some of the publications we've been involved with since last summer. A bit of shameless trumpet-blowing in fact, but it's always nice to see our work in print.

"Between Sky and Earth", produced in association with a show at in Stroud, Glos. last year.

The pic chosen was from The Home Is, very much the project that keeps on giving.

Then there's this Zine, "Out of Office", which was looking for some pics in a call last summer.

A couple of shots taken whilst we were in Wales, at Aberystwyth.

We've had quite a bit of success with a friendly chap called Lyndon, who's been running some open calls through Curatorspace.  The first was "Weightless", which saw me (Ben) mucking about with inflatables up in Wales, revisiting an old project.

Making something of a contrast with the bouncy, happy shoot, came his next call:

I used this as an opportunity to revisit an old project which stalled due to Covid after its first shoot.

I'll probably do more on this on the model making blog in due course.

Amy got involved as well, with a new body of work shot up in Whitby around the Abbey and church.

We haven't had chance to do all that much railway photography recently due to work, but Trackside Magazine were suitably impressed with Amy's night shoots during the Beer and Music Festival, and they gave them a double-paged spread.

We also had a couple of pages with Amy's ceramic buildings on our garden railway.

Speaking of which, I continue to have a nice regular gig with Hornby for "The Collector", with this being the most recent.

We've started kicking back into action with projects now, and a few more open calls which we're in the process of applying for (and producing new bodies of work for).  More on which soon...


Monday 15 January 2024

British Rail Blue Monday

We're on our traditional little break from art work in the New Year (that said, we've a few projects on the go at the moment).  But, with it being Blue Monday, how about something British Rail Blue, from before Christmas?

I (Ben) wanted to get some reference shots of the BR Blue class 101 DMU at Damems, ready for a Hornby article later in the year.

I've a soft spot for 101's anyway thanks to a childhood model, but since it was repainted into blue I've been taking opportunities to go out photographing it, as it reminds me of growing up in the 1980's.  The above shot illustrates the trouble of local photography in the low winter sun with the trees casting shadows...

Having tried this spot the other week, I clambered up the tree again for a shot of the 101 heading north.

Really happy with this shot, though shame about the chap leaning out the window.

Waiting at Damems...

...and trundling away.

I managed to get a 'pic of the day' on The Railway with the elevated shot too.

Should be another post coming up soon on some published fine art work we've had in print.