Monday 16 September 2019

Summer 2019 Roundup

We're back; we've had a very productive summer, mixing work with a bit of a break, so here's a roundup.  The pic above is an oldy, but it was submitted for an open call to a mag over the summer (that said, even though we had confirmation it was selected, we've yet to see the issue in question).  Nice summery image to open the blog post with mindyou.

Speaking of open calls, one of Amy's for a gallery down in Gloucestershire, some close-up shots of bits of genuine Berlin Wall she picked up as a kid whilst on a Scout Camp not long after reunification.

And one from me (Ben), a multi-part sculpture piece produced for another open call, and which I've been reworking for a possible new opportunity.

Amy has been reviewing and photographing her ceramic pieces, as part of a general updating of the folio site which we hope to have done in a bit. 

It's also been a busy summer of railway photography; starting with an older shot of "Princess" on the Ffestiniog, used to illustrate an online product announcement.

Then there was the second part of my article on walking and using the trains in the Worth Valley, in their in-house mag...

...which featured another of my shots from just before the summer hols started.

A big railway photography mission over the summer was visiting and recording miniature railways for The Railway Magazine, starting with Shibden, near Halifax... 

...which has just appeared in print.  Hopefully some more of the half-dozen or so we visited with The Childs will follow.

Speaking of magazines, the Steampunk Jabberwock is in the October 2019 Garden Rail...

...and the Engine Shed project is in the October issue of Model Rail magazine too.

There's a lot more on this project on the revived Model Making blog (see link off on the right)...

...which also features a slightly unorthodox webcomic element; the Engine Shed entry perhaps predictably features a gratuitous Peaky Blinders bit.

Apart from all that, we've fit in a fair bit of 'general' photography along the way too.  Now we're back anyway, a return to regular blogging will follow, both here and on the model making blog.