Thursday 23 April 2015


An update from a couple of weeks ago, and making the most of Bens only day off in the Easter hols, and the lovely weather, with a trip over to Arnside.  First stop was Arnside itself for a picnic on the promenade overlooking the tidal estuary, with the token train shot...
...then up the hill to Arnside Knot, a patch of hillside owned by the National Trust.  Some rather tastefully windswept trees up there.
Nice views from the top, north to the Lakes and south towards Lancaster and Heysham.


Then it was down to RSPB Leighton Moss at Silverdale for a quick visit.  We'd been here before with our Scout Group, and this time got to see a bit more of the place.

Though it was a birdwatching site, obviously wildlife photography is a little tricky with three young kids in tow shouting and pointing, but we managed a few pics.

This should be rather good when it is finished, though it does look a little out of place.
Coming next will be the first of our "From The Archives" posts, looking back at past photography projects.

Sunday 12 April 2015

April Updates...

March into April...  a somewhat busy month, featuring as it did  a rather hectic Easter, the day job dominating life over photography.  We did manage a few pictures though...
Of course, the solar eclipse happened.  We were unexpectedly at home, and improvised a shoot using a pair of welding goggles left over from the Steampunk project.
First attempt, right off the end of the drive, and for arts sake, through a tree.
Unexpectedly Dr-Who type shot...
And moody monochrome.
Not much in the way of transport shots, but the railway were running an experimental mid-week service, and whilst Amy and I couldn't travel on it ourselves, her dad and the youngest of the childs spent a fun day on the railbus (seen here at Ingrow).  The above picture was used on the home page, which was nice.

The first day off of the month last thurs included a trip to Ogden Water, near Denholme, a location we used to visit a lot with our Scouts Group, but haven't been with the childs yet.  We're a bit out of practise with landscape photographs, and obviously when you're supervising three youths amongst people walking some big aggressive dogs its tricky to get opportunities to shoot pics, but we managed a few nice images...

Artistically, we've both been busy with a sculpture call-out recently for a show at Rydal Hall in the Lakes, of which more soon.  We've also had a nice trip out to Arnside and Silverdale, landscapes and wildlife photography aplenty, which will probably be the next post.  Finally, as part of an effort to update the website we've looked back through a load of old images, and have decided to overcome the long periods with no new updates by posting selections from old projects in a 'from the archives' project.  Hopefully the rest of the month should be a bit less sporadic in terms of updates.