Friday 19 July 2019

Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway

Considering that it's fairly local, I (Ben) haven't really done the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway much.  It's a tad difficult to do from home by public transport within the time I have available during the weekdays, and in any case they only run one or two days a week.  But the chance of nice weather and a chance to see the recently-restored, unique North Eastern Railway railmotor proved too good to miss.

A couple of trains up to Skipton, and then a walk up past Embsay had me in position to get some shots.  I'd tried to get some pics the week before, when I had access to the car, but this line is rather poorly served for lineside access with parking, and the only spot on the little country lane had a van in it.  Attempt two, on foot for this visit, was equally scuppered by a couple who'd pulled their 4x4 into the same spot to have a very public argument.

I just made it to the reserve location, which involved finding a very-underused footpath and hurrying across a couple of sheep-infested fields to the iron footbridge over the line.

Apart from one other photographer and a jogger, I had the place to myself all morning, and with the weather holding it was nice and peaceful just sitting and waiting for the train shuttling back and forth, what I needed after a bit of a stressful week.

The railmotor itself was impressive, and nice and colourful in the surroundings.

A lovely chance shot on the walk out of the village, as a loaded quarry working heads for Skipton.  When the quarry closes (or perhaps before) the Embsay railway are planning to run into Skipton itself and join with the main line, which should make getting to the line rather easier.

I hadn't planned on such a quick return to Embsay, but whilst out on a recce for another shoot we dived into Bolton Abbey to see the visiting, and very uniquely-liveried Hunslet "Jessie".

Visiting from the Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway in South Wales, it was a colourful loco on what was unfortunately a dull day.  Made up for the difficulty in getting there, a day where apparently every road in the area was being dug-up for gas/water/widening works all at the same time.

A new spot, on a tiny, winding country lane which (because of all the closures) was carrying a slightly terrifying amount of traffic.

All in all, a couple of reasonable visits, though the weather meant the Railmotor visit was the nicer of the two.  Just a shame I didn't make it up there when it had just been restored, and would have been a bit more newsworthy for the mags, but hey-ho.

Friday 5 July 2019

June and July roundup... projects and open call entries...

It's been a little quiet on here lately, mainly because we've been doing lots of pieces for pending open calls, magazine articles, commissioned bits, and also generally being busy with Real Life Stuff.  But we thought we'd do a little post this morning with some of the pieces and projects that are underway.  The pic above is a close-up on something Amy is doing for an Open Call at the moment...

Meanwhile, one of my (Ben's) projects, crossing the line between art and railway modelling.  Pictured in an unfinished state, it was an (unsuccessful) entry for an open call, which is being modified for something else at the moment.

And another Open Call, featuring a custom-built 1/3rd scale CCTV camera set up.

More on all these projects (and another one which is needing the construction of a miniature Apollo rocket ship for some night photography) in the near future...

Oh and speaking of miniatures and sci-fi, some playing with Dalek models for another project shoot...

We've not done many specific photography visits for a while, but we had a trip out to Bodnant in Wales, so we'll try and post some landscape/wildlife shots too shortly.

It's been a busy month for railway photography; combining Inset Days with The Childs with rides on the railways, starting with an unusual juxtaposition at Keighley station, where the resident 4F met a visiting Colas 37.

A research visit for a model-making article to Dolgarrog in North Wales...

A trip to the Middleton in Leeds for their Gala...

Some midweek running on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, taken whilst visiting the area for other projects...

...and finally this week, a visit chasing the recently restored NER Railmotor on the Embsay and Bolton Abbey line, one I've not visited for a while.

So that's a roundup of some of the work from the last month or so... Specific blog posts on some of these projects will follow, we just wanted to show we've not been sitting around doing nowt :)