Saturday 8 February 2014

Winter Steam

Not much on the "Home is…" project the last couple of weeks, due to bad weather.  We've managed a couple of recce visits to look at possible locations, and we've been building some sets ready for a new batch of images, but not a lot practical.

So, in order to save this being a month with no updates, a little look back into January and some train photos on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, in order to try and get some pictures of the lines newly restored American S160 loco.  Annoyingly I only managed to get it during the morning when it was running behind another loco, other photographers got its solo run in the afternoon (and thus got their pictures published).  It had however been a while since I'd got any train pics shot, so it was nice to get out with the camera on a lovely winters day.

The ultimate in lazy railway photography; some other photographers I know do take the mick a bit about how I live next to the railway and could shoot pictures from the bottom of the road… the above shot is even lazier, being taken from the drive in front of the house.

Hopefully some more movement on the "Home is…" project in the next update, and some info on a new arty project.