Friday 15 March 2024

York Art Gallery; Longlisted in the Aesthetica Exhibition

Today on the blog; a trip to York Art Gallery in late-Feb, to see some of Amy's work long-listed, and on display, as part of the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024.

See? :)

We dressed up fancy, and went to the invite-only evening do.  Been a while since we've had a chance to attend an opening night, even though we've done a fair few exhibitions the last couple of years.  Most of the shows we've been in with have been too far to easily travel to, combined with the Day Jobs we do.  There were drinkies, speeches, and the chance to stroll around the impressive ceramics displays (of great interest to Amy, a ceramist in her own right).

On the Chaise Longue (chaise longue, chaise longue- sorry, we've been listening to Wet Leg a lot lately).

One of the pics in the show, where the art world gets to see my (Ben's) hairy legs, in this shot from the Chair Project which keeps on giving, having come back around to being popular again apparently.

There were 10 finalists with some very impressive and varied work, the majority of people were clustered around the tellies to see their long-listed work, which also demonstrated a lot of variety in theme and media.  

It was an international call, but even with a lot of artists based overseas there were many people there looking for their own pics.

Back outside, and the impressive music and lights show was on again, we stayed to watch another run through of it.

York itself was very pretty by night.

And then it was off to the station for the train out, where we managed some more photography around the station whilst waiting for our connection (of which more in the next post).


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